Creating the Right Academy

Since the beginning of martial arts, people have always wondered which martial art is best (i.e. what is the most effective form of fighting for one-on-one unarmed combat?). However, because each martial art operated under different rule-sets and never competed outside their own rule-set, it was never possible to directly compare the effectiveness of different martial arts. In 1993, Mixed Martial Arts emerged out of a desire to settle this dispute by devising the broadest possible rule-set (whilst remaining safe for combatants, so no eye gouging, groin strikes etc.) in order to be able to finally and unequivocally ascertain which is the best martial art. This led to huge advancements in martial arts, with the techniques that didn't work quickly being discarded and the ones that work prevailing. As Joe Rogan, UFC commentator and renowned fighting analyst, said, "since 1993 (the year of the first Ultimate Fighting Championship) martial arts have evolved more than they have in the last 700 years".

Kaizen aims to transmit these advancements to the general populace. We seek to do this by (1) providing intelligent, structured and academic martial arts training taught by world-class professional fighters and (2) creating a beautiful, modern, environment for the training to take place in a safe and friendly atmosphere.


All our coaches are University graduates and world-class professional fighters with black belts in wing chun kung fu, kickboxing, ninjitsu and national british titles in taekwondo, MMA and brazillian jiu jitsu. The teaching is based on our own syllabus carefully designed to take you from beginner to world class level as quickly as possible. This syllabus is based on the coaches' 30+ cumulative years of studying martial arts and the best fighters in the world and synthesizing this research into an organized, structured syllabus taught academically based on principles rather than techniques.

To make the learning even better, we've also created a revolutionary online system where all our members can access the syllabus – review lessons and track their progress towards their next stripe/belt.


We sought to create a training space and aesthetic that matches and represents our innovative approach to the teaching of the martial arts. Modern, minimalist, clean design and a culture based on openness, friendliness and self-improvement have come together to create a safe, friendly and fun environment to train in. Come to our mats on any given day and you'll find young professionals, students, local workers, lecturers, elderly people, professional fighters - all talking and having fun learning martial arts together.

Additionally, we've hand-picked only the best equipment including the best mats in the world, boxing gloves, pads, punching bags and everything you need to become a world-class martial artist.