Our purpose is to change people’s lives through martial arts. As University graduates and former schoolteachers who have been training since our teens, we’ve both felt and seen first hand the positive effects Martial arts have on children’s development as human beings. The martial arts gave us confidence, helped us deal with depression and anxiety, taught us how to learn, how to focus, how to problem-solve, how to perform under pressure, how to be disciplined. We feel extremely indebted to the martial arts and our passion and obsession is to share them with the world.

There is also now a wealth of scientific research to support our experiences with recent studies linking martial arts training to significant increases in self-esteem, autonomy, emotional stability, assertiveness, discipline. confidence and reducing incidences of depression (Read this for a great summary of the scientific literature: http://believeperform.com/performance/psychological-benefits-of-martial-arts-training/.

Our offering for kids includes mixed martial arts classes and non-contact capoeira classes. Mixed martial arts classes cover Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling as well as Kickboxing. Capoeira is a non contact martial art with afro-brazilian roots which incorporates elements of movement, music, dance and acrobatics.

All our classes follow our own 4 year, lesson by lesson syllabus that takes kids from white to green belt (adhering to the official IBJJF scheme). The syllabus is focussed on taking kids through all the different techniques and positions of the various martial arts, focussing on the principles behind them. Our goal is to ensure kids have fun while becoming skilled martial artists and learning all the important life skills and values that come with that.

Here’s a video we put together about our kids classes: